ZAV Recycling AG processes only dry discharged bottom ash. Waste recycling plants equipped with dry discharge deliver their bottom ash in water- and dust-tight containers by rail and road to Hinwil, where the recyclable materials are separated and then sold on the open market. The remaining mineral residual bottom ash is disposed of in landfills.

With the processing of the dry bottom ash at ZAV Recycling AG, the MWIPs have a guarantee that the recyclable materials contained therein will be returned to the material cycle with maximum efficiency and in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The bottom ash delivery prices are reassessed and agreed annually by the administrative board and are intended to enable cost-covering operations. As a result, MWIPs benefit directly from rising world market prices for metals. Of course, these prices cannot be influenced by ZAV Recycling AG. There is also a dependence on the market for landfill costs as long as ZAV Recycling AG does not have its own landfill sites.