Annual Reports

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Annual report 2022 (German only)

Annual report 2021 (German only)

Annual report 2020 (German only)

Annual report 2019 (German only)

Annual report 2018 (German only)

Annual report 2017 (German only)


Technical Reports

Here you will find further documents of our competence partner, the ZAR Foundation 

Article in Waste Management 119 (2021) 330–341: Mehr et al 2020: Environmental performance of enhanced netal recovery from dry MSWIP bottom ash

Status report 2018: THERMO-RECYCLING – Efficient recovery of recyclable materials from dry bottom ash (German only)

Publication series of the ZAR Foundation, No. 001: Industrial bottom ash processing - Status and Objectives (German only)

Publication series of the ZAR Foundation, No. 002: Landfill "Chrüzlen" – Monitoring and Emission Prognosis of the Dry Bottom Ash Compartment (German only)


Neue Zürcher Zeitung, published Jan, 5th 2018, by Helga Rietz: Erst brennen, dann trennen



Geschäftsbericht 2017